fearless WIP

  • @gary-wilkinson
    this is just exploring a bit for character. i was off colour...literally and figuratively today so can't blame you for your comments and fully appreciated. I'm looking for a way to do the drawing style which is definately me, but not using watercolours which makes it look just too much like quentin blake style to be useful for agencies. My self publsihing clients love that I can do many styles...but looking at UK agencies it really is a one person one style world. So that's my next development target.
    anyway, back to the picture. Whole thing went muddy,. If it had been the final I would have started over, but was more getting a feel for it. and yes, i tried to rescue it with dodge and burn with an airbrush. as for story, he's actually one of a gang of pirates pushing helpless hero on a gangplank (who is the fearless one)
    Usually I work in just procreate at 600dpi, or in photoshop/painter, but i am trying to find a better inkpen on ipad. used adobe sketch and when it imported to procreate it didn't show the brush texture properly as for some strange reason it was at 269dpi. Should have worked up a new 300dpi brush but didn't which left me more with chalk than pencil crayon! Really annoying.
    this is the texture I was aiming for (a piece I did last week which is done completely with a 'scribble' coloured pencil I've devloped) - what do you think? Recon it will work (if i don't mash the colours next time!) ? I want the line work, but to 'colour' using the texture, as you say.


  • this one went a bit better in terms of the rendering+ink I was after. just done it in photoshop and painter, leaving the ipad behind

  • been doing a bit more work on stylisation and things...maybe go for this guy as the key character. not from this angle though.
    Actual real world work (shock horror) - watercolour and coloured pencil. oh yeah...and drawn with a ruling pen (that was just a note to remind me how I did it!)
    0_1516579202310_22046840_10156287619382018_8745639689901171926_n.jpg work

  • i think i've nailed it. Got the evil ink pen working...got watercolour now misbehaving.... yes, its digital. Trying to make things go wrong... anyway, then into photoshop for pencil work over the top. Done...now just to enter the competition....
    0_1517001519939_MORE TEST.png

  • getting there now. Characters designed...layout done....

    note 2 days later....
    realised i didn't put the all important composition blobs on...

    it will help to see how I got to the composition

  • @andy-gray Thank you for sharing your process. This looks so well-thought out, and I can't wait to see the final piece. I keep thinking of how funny it might be if the kid on the plank was decked out in scuba gear or something to add to his fearlessness. 🙂 Will look forward to seeing your entry, as I find your style quite intriguing.

  • thanks for the encouragement! taking a day off of commissioned work to do this. If anyone who doesn't get paid for this is interested, sometimes I will lay aside paying work on purpose to work on stuff which will get me work in the future. This is one of them (cos i love the idea). then i will decide if it goes portfolio wise or not.

    anyways, quick wip as I work up the pencils (corel painter...which i am really starting to enjoy working with again)

    0_1517233924791_wip op2.JPG

  • 0_1517239464630_wip op3.JPG

  • Wow! This is coming along super nice Andy. I'm really looking forward to see how it looks when it's done. I wonder what the expression is like on those pirates!

  • you mean like this....
    take a break for tea...

  • Oh, wow! That's scary, I love it!

  • SVS OG

    This is looking amazing!

  • drawing done...probably,. ink and paint tomorrow
    0_1517260188654_wip op5.JPG

  • @andy-gray Wow! Thanks for sharing again. She looks fearless! In case it's helpful, because the sword and the plank seem to follow the same line of perspective, it appears that the sword is very long and reaches all the way to the pirate on the deck. Best wishes on coloring tomorrow. I hope you continue to update us!

  • @kathrynadebayo good point. I was wondering about that too...and her head is too large for what i wanted as well...
    0_1517310539198_wip op6.JPG
    No more adujstments now....time for inks

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @andy-gray its really looking good. I can't wait to see it finished!

  • 0_1517323126338_wip op7.JPG

  • colour study....
    0_1517337899281_wip op8.JPG

  • watercolour complete...one more phase...
    0_1517345728628_wip op9.JPG

  • SVS OG

    @andy-gray Hey I really like your picture would it be ok if I borrow it to practice lighting on it? I don't mind showing you what I do... It is something I enjoy and am trying to get better at. I'm not as good at design as you though so my pictures that I practice on are not as fun as yours could be. Don't worry if not though. 🙂

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