Scanner suggestions and print websites

  • Ok so this is all still new to me just so everyone knows 🙂 I’ve only been learning this whole illustrating thing for about the past month. Before that I watched Jakes robots course and also How To Draw Everything. I’ve drawn most of my life here and there for fun. Now it’s getting real 🙂 I am doing a traditional watercolor style with some copic pens as well and I’m wondering about a scanner to scan my stuff and upload for sites to make prints for me to sell. So I guess two questions. Do you have any budget friendly scanner recommendations for someone just starting? And are there any sites you’d recommend for making prints? I live in Slovakia right now but a lot of people in the US will end up buying from me. And I don’t have a good place to make legit scans. This is why I ask 🙂

  • @zburke11
    Sorry, I'm pretty new, too & I'm not developed enough to think about selling anything at this point, so I haven't looked into it. It sounds like finding a printer in the US that could ship directly to your customers here would be a good option for you though.

    The only experience I have that is remotely related is that I've printed a couple of mugs through for gifts for family members & the printing was great. (They sell them as photo mugs, but I just sent a .jpg of my drawing instead of a photo.)

    Good luck!

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