One of my favorite you tubes with Will Terry

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    Just for reference, this video is "Should illustrators create self published books?" and I agree it's a must-watch! I watched it twice because it was so interesting.

    It's almost 2 hours long, but Will Terry and his guest Tyrus Goshay make that go by quickly as they talk shop. There are many fantastic nuggets of wisdom in there.

    Around the 1:40:00 mark Tyrus explains why it's difficult to make a character based on someone's real-life child/grandchild, and it stuck with me so I transcribed it here:

    "When grandma sees her grandchild, it is not the vision that you see when YOU see her grandchild. So trying to capture what she has in her head of her grandchild is almost impossible to do for a book. It's possible to do for a painting, here's why: a painting is one pose, and you usually work from a picture. A book has a character in different poses, interacting with other characters in new environments. There's so many things you can't control.

    If you want me to do human characters that look like your child, I am going to charge you a LOT MORE. But I can tell your story and use likeness from that kid in the character so that the two can relate."

    Episode description:
    Children's book illustrators are often asked to work on self published books with authors or want to self publish their own books. In this video we discuss the hows, whys, and ifs...will it hurt your career in the long run? What are the unforeseen problems that can arise? What are the up-sides?

  • I like this one as well--all the ones with Tyrus are my favorites! He and Will create such great dialogue together and I always end up with a lot to take away and think about.

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    @carriecopa Thanks for adding that 🙂

  • @eli
    Yes, they share great information, and the back & forth banter is very entertaining!

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Tyrus is good people!

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    @will-terry You're both good people and that's why you make a great team 🙂

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