200+ Doodle Creatures

  • Hey all,

    I've been absent for a while as life and work get farther away from art... So I thought I'd share that I completed Jake Parkers Design 100 somethings challenge. Now I finished 100 a while ago but challenged myself to go to 200. I finally finished! Hooray. If you'd like to see all the doodles then head to my website HERE.

    Here are a select few I thought I'd share.

    0_1515274044944_200 Somethings_ 164_Colored.jpg

    0_1515274399454_200 Somethings_ 165.jpg

    0_1515274067040_200 Somethings_ 119.jpg

    0_1515274343953_200 Somethings_ 150_Colored.jpg

    0_1515274254335_200 Somethings_ 161.jpg

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