Finished Work:Count Batman

  • In these days I'm trying to modify popular characters. This work is part of this activity.
    Paper: A3 150gr Watercolor
    Materials: Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen and Platinum Brush Pen with Carbon Ink. Schminke Academia Watercolor, Uni-Ball Broad Gel Pen, Copic Opaque White Ink

    Count Batman is Raising...

  • @umutdulger Well done on the finished piece and I hope you don't mind me critiquing, but it's hard to read the image as Batman rising up, as it seems more like the artist had an issue with Batman's anatomy. Perhaps if you had a load of bats at the bottom of the image that are forming Batman (as though he is growing from them) then it might read better.

  • @gary-wilkinson I'm happy to read your critique. Thanks for sharing your time. You are totally right I'll be careful next time when I draw this kind of figure. Many thanks.

  • Love the concept, the feel of the piece and the colors!

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