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    I have been sick and sometimes when I am sick I get feeling very low. This morning I woke up ready to quit everything. I decided to start watchng the Third thursday videos. I haven't been keeping up on them. I watched How to Do Art School. It was so great and really lifted my spirits and made me feel more hopeful in so many areas. I had pretty much decided to trash my book project because it will never be good enough but, whether it is good enough or not, I'm going to push through just to be done. It will be good enough for some friends and family to appreciate. I don't have to publish it. There are so many other thngs like getting out of the house, focusing on learning what I am weak in, etc.

    Thanks to @Will-Terry ,@Lee-White , @Jake Parker, etc. for all you do to help us along in our goals to become better artists. Thanks for Third Thursdays , video classes, art challenges and personal contact on the forums. I'm not really trying to build a career but I do want to progress..maybe someday I will be confident enough to actually want to be paid for my work 🙂 If and when that happens I will know where to look for the how to videos.

    Just wanted to say thank you and..if ther are any other discouraged artists out there, maybe the Third Thursday videos will give you a boost 🙂

  • I know what you mean! I have a chronic illness, and not feeling well definitely can affect your emotions, motivation, & productivity!

    I'm glad things are looking up. You are right, it's good to do things even for a small audience like your friends and family. They are great in and of themselves; plus as you complete those kinds of projects, your skill will improve. Have you seen this Jake Parker video: Finished, Not Perfect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRtV-ugIT0k
    It's short & sweet and very inspiring and encouraging! Lots of good advice!

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    @miriam Yes, i have seen it. I tell myself that a lot. I'll watch it again. Thanks!

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