The Wind in the Willows characters

  • Hi everyone! I posted here ages ago and then got lost completing my Fine Arts degree so now I'm back beginning fresh. I've decided to make several illustrations for The Wind in the Willows as a start to my Children's Illustration portfolio. Any feedback is very much appreciated and I will of course endeavour to do the same for others here.

    So here is my take on Mole. Take care for now! Matt.

    0_1514863686740_MOLE 8x10 web.jpg

  • @matt-baldwin welcome! I like your style:) The only thing, i am not sure about tiny feet. They are smaller than his hands an dont serm that they could hold his body straight. However i dont know this story, so if you drew them small on purpose, pls apologize;)

  • Cheers @aska thank for the crit! I totally agree. I'm quite fond of smaller hands and feet in children's art but they still need to make sense. I will definitely look at some more reference. Thanks!

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