Started a blog to record my journey into teaching myself from SVSLearn


    I'm hoping that it'll help me stay motivated this next year.

  • @joeygreen thanks Joey, as a former systems programmer, I am going to enjoy your approach to this process!

  • cool man! 🙂

  • Thanks @Joey-Green for sharing!

  • You were a talented 16 year old, I look forward to seeing your progression. I'm also trying to get back into drawing. When I was younger I used to spend hours everyday drawing but didn't think I'd be lucky enough to do it for a career , finally I realise it's not luck it's effort! I've got a less structured approach than you but will hopefully improve too.

  • To give a little more background to that pic:

    My mother got cancer and died the day after my 17th birthday. This was the last thing I drew within probable 6 months of her dying. After showing it too her, she really made me believe I could have a future doing it. So that is probably why I kept it all these years. Also a big reason I didn't draw for sooo long was because of depression / figuring life out.

    My original major right out of college was art. This is probably 18 months after her death. The first week of art school there was an assignment to draw a fruit basket on a table. I thought I did a great job. We put up all our work and the class would critique each persons work. I couldn't take the constructive criticism at the time and quit. Now, I have really thick skin and would welcome constructive criticism.

    However, in a way quitting art school put me on the path I'm on now and wouldn't change much about that.

  • @joeygreen I'm sorry about your mum. Starting a new job or college is never easy and with art/design it can feel personal almost feel like a critique of you so It's difficult enough hearing your work critiqued as a teenager. I can only imagine the stress while dealing with the loss of a loved one as well.

    It's only as I've gotten older and listened to many critiques of my designs that ive developed a thicker skin and can truly appreciate the value of constructive criticism.

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