Slowvember WIP

  • This is my piece I've been working on for Slowvember. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    0_1511295904405_slow1.jpg 0_1511295916060_slow2.jpg

  • I've seen it on Instagram, it looks very cool 🙂 However looking at your sketch, I think I like those face expressions more. Boy is happy that he managed to jump and a girl is impressed. In the most advanced version, girl seemed to be mad at the boy, as if he took something from her and he is running away.

  • @aska Thanks for the feedback. Yes you are right, I changed the expressions from the original, I wanted them to relate to the little guy who is knocked off his tricycle. The boy has inadvertently cut off the little guy, and the girl is miffed by this.
    Now I'm a bit confused about which way to proceed. You've given me lots to think about!

  • Elaine, I understand your story this way:

    1. 1st sketch: little boy didn't manage to jump and fell, big boy managed to jump and is happy with himself, girl is impressed
      last drawing. This situation is clear for me
    2. Last drawing: story is unclear for me. Perhaps you could make little boys face crying or angry and maybe give the red guy big head phones and cheeky smile to show him more ignorant?

    One more thing. I really like your perspective. It's done well, but i am not sure of the size of squirells. I think they are too big.

    However it's just my interpretation and i can be mistaken. Aim also trying to draw something for Slowvember, so when I post it you can be as picky as me or more cause there will be way more to discuss 😉

  • @aska I'm going to work on the facial expressions so I can make the story clearer. Also I'll check the squirrel size!
    Thanks again for the input, very helpful 🙂

  • I worked on the expressions, to tell the story better. Now I need to work on the light and shadows! And the squirrels are smaller. 🙂0_1511811536757_bully.jpg

  • @elaine-b I like the girl's expression and that the boy is listening to music, as it adds something to the story. However I think the little boy could look more disturbed, maybe crying. Also, I am sorry but think I would save squirrels for a different picture, as they are still to big or too far away. Perhaps you don't need them here? Anyway you are very close and I am sure it will look great when u add light etc, good luck! 🙂

  • @aska Thanks Aska, I'm pretty frustrated with the whole image right now.

  • @elaine-b i understand. I put mine away and i am resting... dont give up tho!

  • So I watched the "Lighting for Storytelling" by Zac Retz, and I painted over my image. I realized that I become too detailed and very tight in my work. So I did what Zac does, and worked very small with large brushes, and resisted enlarging the piece (very difficult for me!) anyways, I am happier with it now and also the lighting. also @aska no squirrels!!
    Any input is really appreciated 🙂 thanks!


  • @elaine-b good for you! 🙂 You should be happy, cause it looks very cool. I like the way you painted it. Also colors on small boys face made his expression much better. I am missing the squirrels a bit tho... kidding! 😉

  • @aska Thanks again Aska for all your help. I'm trying to get it finished now.

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