Annual subscription payment for courses

  • i just signed up for the annual sub and I have my list of courses but I can't find how to pay. My account shows active. I have used the courses tab in the "mySvs" tab but still no luck.
    Do I wait until tomorrow for SVS to catch up?

  • Hmm, weird. I signed up to the monthly ones and that worked fine 😕

    I'll tag @lee-white, as he should be able to sort you out. He's in the States though so I wouldn't expect him to be awake for a good few hours yet.

    Hope you can get it sorted.

  • @margaretintexas when you click on a class do you see a read box with the length of time for the course? If so, there should be to the right of the time a box that says "view class" and that opens the class for you to view. I'm not sure if this is what you were asking, but I hope so!

  • I think what she was saying was that she's not even got to be bit to pay? I may be wrong though.


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