New kid on the block

  • So, I'm the shy kid who watches from the window trying to get up the courage to meet the neighbors playing outside. I've enjoyed reading all the discussions and have decided it's about time I join the fun.

    I'm an aspiring illustrator/author currently living in Northern Virginia. I had some illustration training in college many years ago and now more through SVS. I belong to SCBWI and I am about to have my first portfolio review with an art director in 3 weeks! (I am soooo nervous!)

    Everyone in this forum is amazing---both in kindness and talent. I'm excited to start participating!


  • Welcome, this is a great place to hang out.

  • Hey! Go get your own ball! You're not welcome here!

    I'm totally joking, don't fear us, we're all as socially inadequate as you are 😛

    Post up some pictures and your portfolio, there are some amazing people here and they'll maybe help with your prep for letting with the art director.

    Take care,

  • welcome aboard!

  • @Jonathon-B & @Steve-Young Thanks! I can't wait to start contributing/posting more.

    @Ace-Connell if I bring cookies can I stay ;). I will be sure to post for feedback soon. Everyone is so helpful--I even learn from the comments on other's work!

  • SVS OG

    Welcome @Joy-Heyer! I have my first portfolio review with an art director at an SCBWI even coming up in mid November here in IL and I am soooo nervous also!

    I will be really anxious to hear how yours goes - good luck!!!


  • Thank you @Rich Green! Good luck on your portfolio review too!

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