Janas Inktober

  • Hi, everyone! It is Inktober. First time for me to participate. Because of my day job, I will not have time to do the whole thing. I will drop something whenever I can. My idea is to turn some of my older pieces into ink drawings.
    As a warmup and starter I made a tiny Halloween piece. I am not really satisfy with the black bold area at the very right side of the right pumpkin. 😞 Sometimes I miss the back button when working traditionally. 😉 I am happy to get some feedback. 🙂
    2015-10-01 SVS Halloween Logo.jpg

  • The pumpkin is kinda cool i dont even mind the bold black area.

  • @Jiří-Kůs Thanks, Jiri! It seems, digitally it is really not so distracting than on paper.

    Here now my second piece. A while ago in another post Jake (@jake-parker) gave me a draw over, which improved the pose of my little ant dramatically. Thanks again, Jake! I used this draw over to redo the piece and did it in inking style. So I killed two birds with one stone.
    Any feedback is highly appreciated. 🙂
    2015-10-02 Christmas Ant Jake Parker Draw over.jpg

  • They look good!!!

  • Great work. Nice bold blacks and line work!

  • Hi, everyone! (4th of Inktober)
    Because of visiting family this weekend I had to skip the 3rd of Inktober. Today I made a fast piece by redoing my Ede character. I intended to practice working with black and white areas and shaping by leaving out, creating the illustion of white lines. What do you say? Any ideas for corrections?
    Ede Inking.jpg

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