uh, Hi

  • I'm not sure how to go about this introduction so i'm just going to pretend we are meeting each other at a coffee shop. in order for this to work you need to imagine your in the coffee shop too, otherwise this is going to sound really pretentious. oh and imagine me in a really snazzy tweed vest. i like vests

    Hi there. I'm Naters, i'm a cartoonist...or an illustrator. I haven't quite figured out which one yet. I live in a small mountain town in Colorado. I'm a bicycle riding, coffee drinking, book reading, pipe smoking, beard growing hipster. I studied animation in Florida, but didn't care for it. Florida that is, I quite liked animation but there weren't as many jobs as they had let on. So now I work freelance and do some personal projects, which include a couple children's books, a graphic novel and a bunch of posters. If you want to follow me and find out what i'm up to and when i'm up to it, you can friend me on facebook or follow my daily sketch blog on Tumlber. The last thing you should probably know about me is that i'm a fire spinner. Okay, enough about me, what about you?

  • Welcome aboard, I would try and spill less ink with you next piece of work, unless your deliberately doing it.

  • I really enjoyed your illustration....er....cartoon. Welcome!

  • Nice to meet you Naters. Welcome to the forum.

  • SVS OG

    Welcome aboard!

  • hello beardgrowing hipster! welcome from the Netherlands, drinks are on the house today! Seems that I already follow your work on Tumblr., Nice stuff you make. its very vivid!

  • Welcome and nice to meet you!

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