Just Launched: How To Ink

  • Ahhh Yeah!! I've been hoping this one would get put up. Thanks Jake Parker.

  • I was so exited for this class I got right into it at 4:00 in the morning. Inking is something I've always wanted to get better at so here are a few of the things I did while watching Jakes video. I did these with a Tombow brushpen (it has a felt tip not a nice brisle and the ink seemed kind of watery). I know it's a cheap one (5 bucks at the art store) but I figure if I can get good with a cheap one I can justify getting a really nice one. Any feedback would be great. Thanks again @Jake Parker. I'm a huge fan of your drawing style and I love your linework.img427.jpg img428.jpg OK actually the ice cream cones are a combination of the brushpen and a Micron 05.

  • SVS OG

    Nice job!! For some reason, the ice cream does not make me want ice cream...would be just too odd for it to lick back hehe

  • Thanks @Lynn Larson .

  • Hey Jake, If you happen to see this I did have one question. I was wondering how you figure out hard black shadows? Kind of a Mike Mignola style inking. Every time I try that technique it looks terrible. It seemed like You mentioned something like that at the end of video 4 or 5. Maybe? Anyway if you have any input on the subject I'd love to hear it. Thanks

  • Thanks Jake! So timely.

  • Hey @jake-parker thanks so much for this course. One thing I'd like to see in the future is what you do to the ink drawings when you scan them in to Photoshop to clean them up and digitize them.

    Thanks again,

  • So excited to do this class! And perfect timing for InkTober as well.

  • I found this really helpful, and my favorite moment was the hair demonstration and the "happy little bear" comment. I think your inner Bob Ross came out a bit 🙂

  • At last!

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