Toothfairy traveling through Norway, Feedback?

  • I have just started with photoshop. And have fallen in love with using textures.
    Feel free to comment on anything from proportions to color. 😃
    I love constructive critisism.

    Love NIlle

    Skjermbilde 2015-08-23 19.23.44.png

  • Two begin with i love your line work and colors. Though I feel the fairies arms have become lost in the folds of her dress, and I think seeing her feet would help with the overall form. nice work.

  • Very cute! Where did you get the texture in her dress?

  • Thrace : I got the texture from one of my dresses 😃 I like to capture textures as i go. 🙂
    Steve: Thank you so much, I havent seen that thing with the arms. Thanks!
    I will check how it will look like witht the feet. Thought she might not have feet, but her lower body just contains a ball with frost on it. But i will try with both.
    Thanks guys

  • Thanks, just enjoy the process.

  • I love her design! Can't wait to see more from you!

    My critique: To me, it's a little hard to tell she's the toothfairy, I found the tooth on her dress at my second pass. If you want that subtlety, keep it! Otherwise, maybe add a few more 'hints" (for instance, how big is she? Could she be holding some coins that are plate-sized? Or her tooth bag could be a bit larger?)

    Really nice work, keep it up!

  • Ah! Thats very good Carey! Thanks ❤ I will keep up the good work, and defantly change that and post a update so you guys can see. Thank you all hadn`t thought of that.