I'm Trying to Make Printables

  • Ahhhh I've missed these forums!

    I'm venturing into new territory: printables! I grew up homeschooled, and I'm around a lot of homeschoolers where I live. It's a largely Christian group, and lots of people have told me how hard it is to find high-quality coloring pages (of religious-specific stuff) to print. I've hesitated getting into it myself because spending a few hours on nice linework, only to sell it for a buck or two sounds like a bad idea.

    But I've been doing more research into people who sell printables on Etsy, and it looks like it's "a thing." Not like a "quit your day job" thing (because art), but a decent market. While I could only sell my images for like $3, I would only do the work once. No printing, no shipping, no stocking. If I could sell a $3 drawing of a cute angel 15 times in a month, I'd be pretty pleased, to be honest.

    In addition to the printables, I want my store to carry the original ink line art (significantly more expensive) as well as watercolor paintings based on the image. It's a weird new direction for me, but I'm pretty pumped about the support and interest I've received from various Christian/homeschool groups. Fingers crossed!

    This is a sample of what I'll be selling. After I draw the lineart, I clean it up in Photoshop, and then livetrace it in Adobe Illustrator, so I have a resizable vector file.
    To be honest, this looks like the first page of a 'guardian angel' comic, which I kinda want to do now XD Still some tweaking to do, but overall, this is what I'm going for. Does my study of vintage book illustration show?
    0_1510805367144_Guardian Angel-01.jpg

    Anyways, I just wanted to share in case anybody else might be interested. I'm hoping to launch my store Dec 3, so I'll let you know how I fare!
    I also started a separate Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlebeadsillustration/