Monitor recommendations

  • About to purchase a new monitor. Wondered what you’re thoughts are?
    I’ve had an Eizo for ten years, but it’s finally past its best.
    Spec: sub £500
    24 inch - beyond that varifocals play up! Not ultra wide.
    Good range of positioning, especially height
    Colour accurate (I’ve got a colormunki already for calibration)
    Adjustable brightness (kelvin) essential and, ideally, contrast and rgb, though that’s taken care of mostly by software.
    Matt screen

    I live in the uk

    What are your suggestions?

  • The Dell Ultrasharps are some of the best you can buy. Especially the Premier Color line. Highly articulated stands, 100% Adobe RGB, a sleek design, antiglare, QHD resolution (2560x1440), $489 USD. The only catch is they start at 25 inches. I don't know if that extra inch would be a deal breaker.


  • Have a look on Ebuyer, they have some monitors. I got a dell ultrasharp about 7 years ago and its still as good as new so I can vouch for the quality, but there are much cheaper alternatives available now, and the dells are cheaper nowadays too. My sister has the 24 inch dell ultrasharp which is also very good and rotates as well as tilts. They come ready calibrated with colour preset profiles- adobe rgb which is handy.
    There are loads of alternate monitors that would probably be great too"-Monitors?sort=rating+descending

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