Upcoming assignment. Feedback please!

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    Hi! I am working on thumbnails, etc. for my upcoming project. I especially like this house. The assignment is something like: "Where I'd like to be". I have decided to work with this idea for a composition. It is a very uncomplicated and simple scene. I may need to add some things to make it more intereting but, this is the basic idea. I am not great with perspective. I've been eyeballing this-no rulers and I don't think it's too bad but I am pretty sure it could use som tweaking on the house. As you can see, I am attempting to turn it around to another angle than the photo too. Also, does it look liek it's going downhill too much? This is in Norway...maybe house do et built on a slant...I don't know 🙂 The background is supposed to be fjordlike. My ancestors came from Sogn og Fjordane and I want it to reflect that if possible. I really want to go to Norway someday!

    Resource and sketch in progress:



  • Overall the house looks pretty good but two things jump out. The biggest thing I noticed is that the house looks like it is sitting on the plain of the hill which would not really happen. The other minor thing is the vertical edge of the house on the back right is a little off. If you did your perspective for eye then overall it is nice work

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    @rcartwright Oh, yes, I see the right edge i soff in back. So when yuo say th ehouse i son the plane of the hill you mean it looks like it is going downhill and will soon slide into the water maybe ? 🙂 That's one thing I was wondering about. I appreciate your feedback, Rich, thanks!

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Yes the line you drew for the slope of the hill and the edge of the house are very close to parallel. If you look at your reference the house is on a much flatter plain. I think you have chosen a very complex view to try and draw.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen 0_1510278499898_Zebau_hillside_house_construction_aussee7_m.jpg

    I know this isn't the correct angle of view but it may help you visualize

  • I would take the time to figure out the perspective so that the house recedes to the horizon line, instead of following the slope of the terrain. A house on steep terrain is built so it's level, either by altering the way the house is built (a lot of times the house is made level by incorporating stilts), altering the terrain, or both. Like the house @rcartwright has posted, they've built the house so it's level, probably cutting into the hill a bit. That house recedes to the horizon line, as should yours.

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    @rcartwright Of course I did 🙂 I seem to do that. Ha! I'll work on it. Maybe I can flatten the land or change the bottom of the house. Thanks.

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    @tessw Thanks, Tess. You're right. I knew I had to fix hat somehow 😉

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