Dogs friendship

  • Hi,

    I've recently started a blog and as I am not a professional and don't have any assignments, I am trying to look for different ideas to post about (BTW: my blog is about me learning to draw). So mainly I am trying to get ideas from what i do everyday. Recently I have posted sketches from family travel to Legoland in Denmark ( At this moment i am working on a series of posts about my dog's friends. So first one is called Łapa, which in English means Paw. In a meantime, I have been painting fish for local fish shop .. but thats for another time 😉 I am experimenting with some loose, messy sketching and I am curious what you think about it.

    0_1510242430274_poznajcie Łapę.jpg
    0_1510242594021_w chowanego.jpg

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