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  • Hi @Rkritsch
    I am just wondering how much of an art Degree (talking really about the piece of paper here) you think you need to start working in the art industry, and how much of art education (regardless of that piece of paper) you want to receive/give to yourself.

    I've been discussing this with some artist friends and I usually advice them that an artist would do better art if she/he knew something else. Like... Study history, archaeology, biology, physics, or whatever interests you. That will give you more knowledge that you can put in your art. Or course, you cannot ignore the basic principles of art and always improve your artistic skills, but at the end, your art should be able to communicate something, and if you don't have much to communicate, your art is just a piece of technical skills.

    This idea and a bit more reflections about art school are shared by this amazing interview with Noah Bradley, a great concept artist that worked a lot on illustrations for the Card Game "Magic: The Gathering":

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  • At School can help an artist but it is certainly not required. Attending college is not only about what you learn in the classroom but also what you learn about yourself and about others. It also exposes you to other thoughts, art and creatives processes that would be foreign to you otherwise.

    Art school does that and business school, med school, law school do that as well. The difference with art school is that talent plays a larger part in the process than the others where ability and book smarts are more important.

    Art school helps many people develop their talent and abilities but it is in no way a requirement. An art director will not care about where you may have attended school, they want quality work from a dependable artist when the deadline hits. 30 years ago there were fewer quality art schools/classes/opportunities than now. With sites like this an artist can broaden their horizons and develop their talent in ways that were impossible 10 years ago without art school.

    I attended a great art school years ago and would not trade those experiences for anything. If I were examining the same possibilities today, I am not sure I would choose to same schooling simply because there are so many more possibilities now.

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    I have only 1 opinion: Art school will help you a lot. If you have time and money, go to art school. If you don't have time and money, don't. You can still learn by yourself and the internet.

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