Watercolor Videos?

  • Not sure where to post this but I was hoping to create some buzz about possibly getting more watercolor vids on svs. I know digital is big but so many kidlit artists work with watercolor or at least used to and I know I'd be very interested in learning new techniques (or old ones) for watercolors. Things like: pushing values to make your focal point stand out, how to make an image vibrant or darker with watercolors, creating the illusion of light in a dark space, working with masking fluid, combining watercolors and digital. I know there is a great Lee White video and I learned a lot from that and I think there is a digital watercolor video too but it'd be fun to see more! Have I missed any videos? Does anyone have experience or tips for these issues with watercolors. Or anyone else out there wanting to see more traditional art vids who can commiserate with me, lol!

  • I think they are working on more watercolor videos. I would love to see them too. I have been primarily digital since starting my kidlit journey, but am taking a watercolor class right now and hoping to start doing more work that incorporates traditional techniques. I was an oil painter before all of this, but Iā€™m not interested in picking my oil paints back up, so I am starting from scratch with watercolors. I have always loved them and loved the effects you can achieve with water. šŸ˜Š

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