Hey! I'm drawing a comic based on the Inktober PROMPT LIST words.

  • Hey, everyone! New poster here. A lot of great Inktober art on this forum, very inspiring!

    Wanted to share my experiment as well - it's a short story about an anthropomorphic horse named Apaksh and I use each word from the prompt list to advance it. You can follow it here:


    Just the idea of getting to the finish line of Inktober seemed scary, so I opted to just use basic markers and a ballpoint pen to keep it simple. Any feedback would be very much appreciated! Thank you and power to everyone still plowing forward with this!

  • Hey, just wanted to update this by saying I got it all done and made a cinematic slideshow out of it: "INKTOBER 2017" by Haraldo.

    I've also started a new project - Star Wars Alphabet. Will post a drawing of a SW character every day for the rest of November on my Twitter/Instagram.


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