Please help with this composition.

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    I am doing a painting for my watercolor class of Johnny Appleseed. I have been tryign to draw this rough picture and just wanted to know what I can do to make any corrections to the figure. I, as you can see, have been redrawing and doign a lot of erasing.

    Can you see any adjustments I could make to the position ? I am especially concerned about the placement of the shoulders (and maybe the back leg? Thanks.!

    He is supposed to be really skinny.


  • The issue that pops off the page too me is the tangent created by the toe touching the other leg.

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    @eric-castleman Ah yes, I see what you mean. Thanks.

  • I donโ€™t know if you did, but itโ€™s good to draw in a stick figure first. That will help you get proportions correct. Even for a cartoon, the torso sees too long and the limbs (at least the legs) seem too short. Also, the shirts appears as it would if he were standing. It should buckle/fold, particularly where it meets his waist.

  • The pose feels a bit awkward to me, but maybe it fits with the story. What is he doing at this moment? To me, it looks like he's about to get up or is maybe just sitting down. His back is straight and his foot is tense, his arms look tense as well. Do you want him to look relaxed sitting there? What's your intention?

  • Here is a quick redraw of a position that might work better.

    Of course, you could still have him like you do now, but he needs to be leaning on something, otherwise his stomach muscles are gonna hurt real bad. ; ) The arm holding the bag needs to relax (go in toward his side), and I would have the left leg all the way out, and the right as is. Also, he is not currently looking at the seed in his hand.

    Hope this helps!

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    @art-dud Well I do a light sketch and keep building on it but I don't always know exactly the proportions so....Good idea. I should probably have looked at a picture first of someone in the same postition.

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    @tombarrettillo Good points! I kind of like the awkward looking legs and feet know, I'll have to work on it. The arm relaxing down makes sense too. It does look like he's getting up or just sitting down. Thanks.

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    @tessw Ha! Ha! I'm thinking that his body postition is such a reflection of me and my anxiety ๐Ÿ™‚ I am always feeling like I need to get going on something and need to relax more ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting. I have to go paint in an hour or so and should have this done. I appreciate your input! I think I will need to make it work as him getting up or something unless I can redraw all. Well, I'll see what I can accomplish. Thanks!

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