Making repaints of original compositions for sale.

  • SVS OG

    I don't know if this a thing or not or if there is a special name for it. I basically do all my rough drawings on the computer then print them out and redraw them on the light table and paint them.

    What I'm wanting to do, is do a certain number of copies of these paintings, number and sell them. They'll all be painted and inked copies done from the same digital file and all be slightly different.

    Do people do this? I tried to find some info on it but couldn't come up with anything. Trying to find out what I should charge for this sort of thing. It's still an original painting but then again it's not because I've painted multiples of it. Any info, suggestions, or thoughts on this?

  • So....rather than doing an original painting and selling digital prints of it, you are doing real media copies of your own work?
    If I understand right then yes, it works. I think there’s a Japanese industry based around it, which causes problems in the original art market elsewhere in the country. So they are basically masterwork copies.

    I’v done it with some of my fast watercolour cartoons. Take about 10 mins to do and sell at £30each.
    Lino prints and my speciality, woodblock, is closest to identical copies. But each is considered as an original work of art. Unlike giclee which is considered reproduction.
    For sales, you’ll need a bit of romance around it. My woodblock prints have a romance about the technique, materials, and video of the process. Better than Lino. For your suggestion, I’d think about calling them a ‘series’. Recognising that each time you create the next ‘copy’ you will be refining your process and painting more instinctively, you should f;ind that the later copies are more energetic and lively than the earlier ones. Essentially the later ones will be better. So you could charge more.

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