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    I am making a flower fo rmy class. I need to transform and flip a half petal horizontally. I am following evry step but when I hit contrl T I get an error message. I have googled it and contacted my teacher but haven't found an answer yet and I need to do my homework!

    0_1505869572491_photo shop error.JPG
    This is what pops up. I need to solve this problem. If anyne has a solution, please let me know! Thanks!

  • Have you checked to make sure you are in the correct layer?

  • That usually happens to me when I'm trying to transform something, but I'm not in the correct layer, and therefore there is nothing in my bounding box to transform. Identifying and clicking on the layer that has the petal should fix this problem.

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    @tessw I'm pretty sure I'm in the correct layer. Anyway, it magically worked this time 🙂 Now I have to figure out how to get the out line on the petal to copy over too. My instructor told me but the internet was down. I guess it's back up since I'm replying to you ! 🙂 I think I might do ti tomorrow morning. Thanks for your help. One other thing, is ther supposed to be a little box in the corner of my laters or did I accidentally click on something? I don't remember seeing it before. It kind of looks like a frame. Thanjks for your help!

  • How did you make your outline? The pen tool? It sounds like you are working with vectors. When you are trying to flip the outline, are you trying to contain it within a bounding box? If so, skip that step. Just click on the outline layer then hit control T. If you try to transform a vector layer with a bounding box it doesn't work.

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    @tessw I don't know about all that but, I did it. I got the flower done! Yay! What we had to do was choose the pen tool, fill with red, choose a burgundy color for the outline. The first half of the petal was fine but when I got to the part where I had to flip it horizontally, the outline wasn't on the second half. My instructor told me that there's a glitch and to go to the alignment icon thingy and click on it and choose the top square. So, I did and the outline appeared on the other petal. Whew! Glad that's over. Our final assignment is to make a bunch of flowers for a Sascalia -type tree.

    It should be fun once I get the hang of making leaves and flowers better and faster! It's keeping me busy 🙂

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