The new 10 step system I will use on my next book project.

  • SVS OG

    1. First, after I am satisfied with my text, make a text dummy (because I write my own) so that I can illustrate trh text and not try and squish it in later.
    2. Do millions of thumbnails until I feel good about everything compositionally.
    3. Do larger comps in greyscale to check my contrast, etc. Get critiques from svs forums 🙂
    4. Scan them into the computer (because I will know how to use it better).
    5. Make any adjustments I might see are needed.
    6. Enlarge and print them out.
    7. Color them traditionally. Get critiques from svs forums.
    8. Adjust as needed.
    9. Re scan and clean them up.
    10. Prepare for printing.

    It's nice to feel like I have finally been able to get a more efficient system.

    Also, I will continue to learn because I am still pretty much an amatuer (sp?)


  • Hmmmm being organised.... nice feeling:)

  • Sounds like a great plan Marsha!

  • SVS OG

    @nowayme Thanks. Hopefully I will make better progress 🙂

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