WIP (traditional watercolor) Uncle Carl Has a Chicken on His Head

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    I am in the process of paintng the first page to show at my dummy review THIS Friday. I need to fix the eyes and I have more details to put in, shadows, etc. I'm a little nervous about the shadows, etc. Here is a black and white and a color photo of what I have so far.

    The test that goes with it is:
    Uncle Carl has a chicken on his head!
    A chicken on his head?
    Yes, a chicken on his head.
    It's sitting there picking at a long piece of thread.

    The text, I think, will go up in the left hand corner area.

    Thanks for input on what I can do.



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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen it almost looks like they are in a house, could you make the walls more barn-like?

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    @holleywilliamson Yes, I plan on doing that. This is just the first layers of color. I thought I might dry brush kind of like boards. What do you think?

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