Inktober idea- has this been done before?

  • I'm throwing around ideas for an Inktober project. I wanted to share it here to see if anyone knows if this idea has been done before? I don't want to accidentally do a story that's already out there.

    My idea is of a squirrel whose territory includes a long wall that divides up people's backyards. She kind of observes the happenings of different families whose backyards abut this wall. She eventually notices that there are two kids who share the wall between their respective backyards. They are both lonely for whatever reason, and she devises a plan to bring them together and by the end she succeeds and they become friends.

    Anyone heard of something like this?

  • I haven't heard of this before! Then again, I haven't read as many children's books as many of the other artists here. I am typically drawn to fiction for an older audience. I think the idea is really cute, though, and I'd love to see what you make of it.

    Plus.. how many times has Romeo & Juliet been done? It's all about how you interpret it.

  • I think this could be an awesome approach to Inktober! Such a sweet story!
    I had a similar idea: I have an overall story, and each day of Inktober would be a different key moment from the story (almost like a storyboard.) I think I'm going to use "Sketchtember" to get ready, so Inktober will be strictly inking, and not trying to do too much each day 🙂

  • SVS OG

    Great ideas! The story sounds cute and it would be really fun to watch you progress with it, @TessW .

    I have been thinking about reviving a comic strip idea I've been kicking around (and abandoning) for several years. @MissMarck, you have a good idea - using "Sketchtember" to prepare. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  • Thanks guys.

    That's a really good idea @MissMarck I was thinking of doing somethings similar, in starting the sketch process now. Sketchtember is a really good idea!

    Honestly not sure if I want to commit the mental energy into such a big project as of yet and I might just go with the prompt list for this year. We'll see!

  • SVS OG

    @tessw, I don't expect to create a finished drawing each day, but just the act of working on a project daily will be the challenge. I often tend to wander off into other interesting things, so this helps build the discipline muscle. Whatever output I end up with will be icing on the cake.

  • Do this! Do you have instagram? I want to see this

  • SVS OG

    @missmarck is sketchtember a real thing? What a great idea to prepare for Inktober!

  • SVS OG

    @tessw i would love to see you do this!

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen I've seen a handful of artists do it. Nowhere near the scale of Inktober, but it works for me!

  • @kat That's a good healthy way to look at it!

    @jasonandroosmith Thank you! My instagram link is in my signature below.

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thanks!

    I'm still not sure if I'll do this for Inktober, but I'll continue to develop it on the side. I like the story, but I kind of want to ponder what format would be best for it. Short graphic novel? Short chapter book? Picture book?

    Either way, I'm excited for Inktober and I am glad that "Sketchtember" is a thing now. :}

  • SVS OG

    @missmarck That's really cool. I'll check it out but maybe for next year 🙂

  • Oh! There it is! I don't miss a thing hahaha

  • SVS OG

    I'm doing more monsters for Inktober. I had a lot of fun with them. Won't paint them this time though.

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