My finished, not perfect, first look prompt illustrations

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    Finally done (well, almost) got some clean up to do and I stilll need to learn how to move the fox over so it isn't in the gutter but....whew! I'm sure ther are much better submissions out there but I did the best I knwo how at this time and I am very anxious to learn to use the computer more efficiently to edit things. Now, I use a lot of tracing paper and re-drawing, tracing, painting.....whew! Now I can start my classes tomorrow and have this mostly out of the way. Due this Friday, Sept. 1st! I guess I will be using photo shop so I will have to learn 🙂







  • It's looking good. Nice and clean.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Great work!! This is really good, we really see how much you have progressed with this work 🙂 The pictures (or scan ?) are also of much better quality or you did a very good job cleaning them up! Anyway, your hard work is paying!!

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    @nowayme Thank you. Actually still need to do some cleaning up. Tried to keep it clean and simple. Yay! I'm glad to see you see progress! Now, I'm in the seat for a root canal! Bye!

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    @tessw Thank you!

  • This is a delightful illustration are you making it a book,lovely work.

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    I like the character design of the fox. really great.

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    @dottyp Thank you, Dotty. It is an assignment to do three double spreads for a prompt from our local scbwi Illustrators Day here in SF. The quote is by Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh. I avtually had a happy accident when putting them side by side on th ecomputer. I accidentally put the same side twice so I just slid it over the other one so that there were two layers fo the drawing and then put the 2nd page. When I flattened them togethe it came out double bright and looked pretty cool 🙂 So, I put another one on top of the other side and flattened it to make a very vibrantly colored double spread. Not sure how it happened but the color turned out great (IMO) 🙂 !

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    @julian-beresford Thank you!

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