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    Trying to work on these illustrations. The one with the multiple foxes is supposed to be a dream. The other one I still have some things to figure out. A few tips on improvement -things I can do without starting all over again, if possible, appreciated. Thanks!

    0_1503519195223_20994113_1985733331712146_8354035117466367098_n.jpg 0_1503519201951_20953834_1985733351712144_8558870740141093788_n.jpg

    0_1503519219908_21077557_1985733375045475_3986654075159044914_n.jpg 0_1503519230202_21032726_1985733401712139_3464963642082532599_n.jpg 0_1503519236689_21032439_1985733428378803_2616537423470569733_n.jpg

  • Hi, i like them, esspecialy the first one. However i think i would turn the bunny horrizontally so the dream cloud comes from his head and not ... u know;) but it does look like he is dreaming so good job:)

  • SVS OG

    @aska ha! Ha! I was trying to make it look like it was coming from around his head but...I see what you mean. Might scrap the whole thing. I don't really feel good about it yet. I should have taken more time to plan things out....not sure. Thanks though! Going to work on a new plan today and see what I end up with.

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