Sept 3rd Thursday ~ Charly Feedback

  • Sketch of Charly (aka, the Big Bad Wolf), and all characters I can think of that appeared with him in tales and fables (i.e. the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Peter and the Wolf. Are there others?). The humor here is that, just when the characters celebrate that Charly is dead, he comes back, lurking in the shadows, to surprise them once again. The only character I haven't shown is Peter. I'm still working on him. I've included other characterizations of Charly as I wasn't sure if he should be surprised, angry, or both? And I've made the pig siblings boys and a girl even though in the original story they were all boys. Position of the piano?Charly.jpg(uploading 100%)!wolffaces_scan.jpg

  • Th piano is fine, but the fire looks like its floating off the ground a little.

  • I like the way you handle this in black and white. It's a very nice scene especially the contrast between the sweetness and the tragedy about to happen haha. I agree with Steve that the stacking of fire and perspective need work a bit. I would also revisit the groom pose on his legs, they look a bit like they are about to twist together.

  • @Naroth-Kean Thank you Naroth! The pigs aren't a bride and groom but roaring 20s flapper-style dancing pigs. I will emphasize their actions (arms and legs waving/jumping) a bit so they come across as wildy celebrating and dancing! And I will revise the logs and fire perspective/proportions and make it more grounded with more emphases on shadows and such....
    Thanks very much!

  • @Steve-Young Thank you I am revising the fire/logs and dancing pigs. And I think the scene does need another character , so Peter (as in Peter and the Wolf) will go in there, playing some kind of musical instrument (maybe a trumpet or trombone..). Stay tuned...