Worst fear and first look prompt wips!

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    hi! I am in a mad dash to finish these before Sept. 1st! Can I do it? I have roughs for teh first look prompt and decided to go along the same theme for worst fear so...

    The first look prompt (scbwi Illustrators day) is supposed to be three double spreads with two rough and one finished.

    It's the one that is in thumbnails. Suggestions for page order, etc. are appreciated. Oh is there one I should finish that would be better than the others? Thanks!

    The worst fear is the bunny surrounded by foxes.

    Any suggestions before I forge ahead? I have to work fast. I start some classes on the 28th and hope to be done by then. I am also finishing my dummy and maybe even printing up a portfolio but I have until the 16th for that. Thanks!



  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen That would be a rabbit's worst fear! I really like the poses of the foxes, I would maybe put their eyebrows down (or at least some of them), just to give them that "Ha, you're dead meat, pal!" look. Looking straight at the front fox's butt is a little awkward for me, and I think you could crop this down to bring us in closer to the rabbit. It'll make the fear more immediate. At least, that's what I'm thinking. Creative viewpoint on fear.

  • SVS OG

    @rhirsch Ha! Ha! I guess that butt is pretty prominent. I already went ahead and inked it though. I did change the eyebrows and made the cheeks pointed. I'm going to hopefully paint it so that it will be a dream. I'm including it in the First Look pages. Might not worry about urning it in for the worst fear. I'm not that good yet to win anything and so I will still hav the benefit of having done it either way,

    Here's my inked image. My plan is to have the bunny sleeping in it's burrow and have it fade into the fox scene in a dream-like way. We'll see how THAT turns out 🙂

    I really should have started a lot sooner. I came up with this idea when I was camping this week end and decided to go for it even though I am on a tight schedule. Again, it is doing the project that will be helpful to me. I will be critiqued there in front of everyone and will learn from it.

    My little 3 1/2 year old grandson thinks butts are funny so, maybe it will make him happy 🙂


  • SVS OG

    Here's what I ended up with. I will be adding more details, etc. with watercolor and hopefully it will look much better 🙂







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