clipstudio paint for editing?

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    I have clipstudio and GIMP on my laptop. I am looking at my dummy and thnking how nce it would be to be able to mve things arond, change the size, etc. Even though I have these two programs I do not hwo to use them well yet at all. I have used GIMP to clean up my art and remove smudges, etc. a little bit of repairing with cut and pasting things but, I would like to know hwo to use clipstudio for this type of thing if possible to save some time. I have been looking for some tutorials, etc.

    Can anyone recommend tutorials that would explain moving an image over and possibly shrinking it or enlarging? Thanks.

  • Have you downloaded the manuals, I have it and use it occasionally so I'm no expert on the program but I did download the manuals. To repair cut and paste adjustments you are most likely going to be drawing in marks or possibly using a filter to stretch line but if your work was originally done in a traditional medium then you need to learn how to spate the back ground from the art which is more complicated. My best advise is learn the program as much as possible from the beginning it will take some time but you will feel great about the accomplishment

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    @rcartwright Thanks. I think I am going to take a break from making any books for a while after I finish this one and just learn...upgrade my art skills, learn to use my clip studio, etc. and not worry about the next book for awhile. I think it will be much better and save me time not having to redo everything as much. Right now I use graphite paper and tracing to make things a little easier but it's like going from handwriting to a word processor was I think 🙂 Lots to learn. 🙂

  • Hi marsha,To move and scale in clip studio paint. Draw a selection around the object you want to rescale, go to EDIT- TRANSFORM-SCALE a box will appear around your selection (move the little handles at the corner to scale)when you get it right back to edit click OK. Does this make sense it is hard to put this into words .

  • YouTube will be your best friend in learning how to do things. The programs can be so complicated, especially for beginners. There is a lot of videos on youtube that deal with doing specific things in these programs like resizing. My advice would be to follow along step by step, and then try to do it for yourself. Bookmark or favorite the video if it was helpful, because you probably will need to go back to it when you forget any steps.

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    @dottyp Thanks, Dotty. I did see a you tube video and it sounded like they did just what you said 🙂 I need to start watching and trying 🙂

  • Glad I could help. Dont be afraid to ask me again if you get stuck on something in Clip paint sometimes it is hard to find the exact topic you want in a video

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    @dottyp Thanks, Dotty! I'll remember that!

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