WIP: Worst Fear

  • Summer holidays are almost over and the students will be moving back. We own a ground floor flat of an old tenement style building and the upstairs gets a new set of kids every year. Some are good, some are bad. My worst fear is getting a... well, you get the idea.
    0_1502718196109_Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 14.38.54.png
    I've adjusted the image to make them next door neighbours to tighten the composition, otherwise there's too much house. I've added in some basic values, no shading or highlights yet. I'm not used to working this way to any feedback/criticisms are welcome. (don't really have "a way" yet)

    I like the idea but the image feels quite boring to me.

  • Great job on patterning your values so that everyone stands out. I like the addition of the baby carriage as I think it helps with the idea you're trying to convey. I wonder if you could really push the idea even more by making them a band or something and show amps, drums, guitars, etc. Like the guy in the doorway could be holding a guitar instead of having his hand in his pocket, the guy holding a box could be holding an amp instead, and there could be parts of a drum kit on the sidewalk. Anyway, just some thoughts.

  • I was thinking a drum set even before I read @TessW comment. : ) Or you could make the box truck into a van kind of like in Wimpy Kid (Loded Diaper), and have a band name poorly painted on the side. How about an old couch in the front yard.

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