# question and Picasso says they own an image I created

  • When posting on Instagram are you suppose to link it to your website? If so is it as simple as putting #address.com? Also, I had a weird problem with Red Bubble. Picasso has a problem with an image I had (saying they own it.) How do I fight this and prove the image is mine? Here is the image. I have a printed copy of the book from Lulu a couple of years ago and I have an ISBN from about a year ago. Also I have been posted this image on Facebook in the past. This is both surreal and flattering.0_1502297075509_A.jpg

  • I believe you are referring to Picassa, correct? From what I read online, Google (owner of the now defunct service) claims no rights to any images uploaded. You may need to check in with Google to see what the deal is with said image. It may come down to you sending them all the paperwork for the Lulu book as proof.

    For Instagram, you upload to their servers. In fact, there is no way to my knowledge that you can link an image to your site, and I am not positive, but I don't think you can include a web address in a post, just hashtags.

  • For Instagram, I put my website link in my bio. Most people include a "#LinkInBio" when they want people to check something out. You can't include clickable (.com) links in Instagram posts, so people have to copy/type out anything you include. My website (missmarck.com) is short enough that I occasionally include it.

  • @tombarrettillo thank you for the info.

  • @missmarck thank you so much.

  • @missmarck I like your inks.

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