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  • I like the idea you have going here, but not sure it gets the message of the text across. You don't say whether the text will accompany your art or not, which would make a bit of a difference in the direction you could go with the illustration. If the text will be included, your current concept might work, but I would put the cab of the crane facing the piggy bank. There is a bit of a disconnect currently. And while there is some artistic license in illustration, most cranes have the cab facing the same direction as the boom.

    If no text, one idea would be to have 2 cranes, one child-like, and the other resembling an adult, both loading money into the piggy bank, and the KITSAP logo on the "adult" crane.

  • I agree with what @tombarrettillo is saying. At the moment the perspective of the crane and coin don't line up with each other and having it facing more towards the viewer would look better too.

    As for the concept, one idea that comes to mind is perhaps including a character on top of the piggy bank putting in their money (such as a parent) would help with the idea of one person contributing and the bank is helping too. I think you also need to push forward the idea of growth and scale (the crane of course helps with that) but maybe having a small child standing next to he bank looking up would help or by having other smaller piggy banks around.

  • @tombarrettillo Thank you for the feedback. Very helpful / useful information!!! I hope you have a great day!

  • @gary-wilkinson Thank you!! Again, very helpful info. Have a good one!!

  • Thank you guys for the feedback. I went back, created a new sketch. Thank you again! alt text

  • better. One thing to fix would be showing the end of the boom closest to the piggy bank.

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