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    I really want to finish my book. I am feeling very discouraged today but, just thought I'd pass this on as a reminder. I want my project to be really good but I really want it to be done. I just keep finding more and more things wrong with it and I have redrawn it so many times! I'm working on a couple of really challenging pages, for me, right now.......That's all. Just needed to vent that out. Back to the drawing board! @Jake-Parker , thanks for the reminder. This is my last time to do this dummy. It's not fun anymore.

  • I'm right there with ya! I'm working on a comic, and the more I work on it, the more I learn! Which means I constantly want to go back and re-draw pages with my new knowledge... But I'm forcing myself to keep on pushing through! I'll learn a lot more from a finished book than I will from 1 single perfect page (since that will never really happen!)

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    @missmarck exactly! I could stay with this book the rest of my life trying to get it perfect. I need to finish and move onto a new learnign experience 🙂

  • That is a great video. I hate the look of a blank canvas and once the ball is rolling I try not to stop until it's either finished or it's at a cliffhanger moment (a moment where you really want to get up the next morning and get to the next part). I have a terrible habit of wanting things to be perfect first time and it can be such a barrier to my own motivation when something is wrong, but after watching a lot of Will and Jake's videos I find myself thinking that the more I produce the better I get and I should enjoy making bad work because it's what's needed to move forward.

    Good luck with your book Marsha and don't give up 😃

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    @gary-wilkinson Thanks, Gary. I will push through this part and finish it. Just have to do it!

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen (Hands rubbing temples) "The joy is in the journey...the joy is in the journey..." I feel you on this. Haven't met an artist yet who hasn't.

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    @rhirsch Ha! Ha! Thanks.

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