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    I have a file of portfolio possibilities on my laptop but not quite sure how to share it. Too big to upload here. Anyone want ot look at what I have and tell me which 10 you might include? If you know o fother works that I haven't included that you think should b ein there, that would be good to know too. I was wondering if I could combine like pictures on one page, example I have a bunch of monster pictures and other pictures that could be grouped because teh yare a common theme. I need to go to sleep. Will check back tomorrow. Thanks! Here's a couple just so you have something to look at 🙂

    0_1502177132441_boy eats ants.jpg 0_1502177161542_seahorse 1.jpg 0_1502177194608_portfolio 3.jpg 0_1502177212434_stippled ship of the silver coin.JPG 0_1502177232137_Monarchs.jpg 0_1502177265125_rock my little sleepyhead.jpg 0_1502177297401_Pippi Grows Up.jpg

  • My favourites are Ants in pants, Granny and mouse in rocking chair.Really lovely pieces.

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    @dottyp Thank you, Dotty!

  • Most of these pieces look like the same artist did them (which is a good thing) except for the black and white piece and the Pippi Longstocking.

    I feel the boat piece is not cropped well for a stand alone piece. If you want to work in this style, you would need to include more of this kind of work.

    Same goes for Pippi. It's very fun, but I haven't seen any more examples from you in this realistic, pastel style. Is this piece representative of how you want to work? If so, I would include more examples in this style.

    The butterfly piece is very cool, but I'm wondering if you have a spot illustration of the dog in there to show with it?

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    @tessw I don't have any spots with the dog. This is from an ABC book I illustrated and all pictures are full bleed. I do, however, have the dog on other pages.

    Pippi is a sample of my acrylic painting. I might do an acrylic one someday. I 'd like to do different styles. The ship was from 1 of 15 illustrations I did for a middle grade historical fiction book. They were all in that style. Maybe I shouldn't even be bothering to worry about a portfolio.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen said in Portfolio possibilities file:


    Maybe I shouldn't even be bothering to worry about a portfolio.

    That's up to you, but if you actually want to do one, I wouldn't let your stress or insecurities stop you from doing it. You have a lot of good work to share. I would simply make sure you show the ones that you want feedback on and that relate to the children's market. Show the ones in the styles and mediums that you'd like to work in.

    You have a lot of good work to choose from, close proximity to the conference, and the means to get there and show your work. Not everyone has those things! It's not my place to tell you how to feel, but I'd encourage you to reflect on the great things you have going for you, and take advantage of this opportunity, if it's what you truly want.

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    @tessw Thank you, Tess. I will 🙂

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