WIP Uncle Carl..again

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    I'm trying to work out reordering chickens and the whole deskunking thing. Image 1 I had to make some chicken changes due to rearranging of page order. I also had to make some changes on my rough "cleaning the smelly chicken page because I had left out a chicken that needed to be there and had a chicken that wasn't introduced yet (the one on the arm) so...since I really liked the chicken on the arm with the hose, I introduced her before the chicken cleaning instead of after...if that all makes any sense. Here are the words for this portion of the story:

    Uncle carl has a chicken on his belly.
    A chicken on his belly?
    Yes, a chicken on his belly.
    Can you tell me why that chicken is so smelly? (there is a spot of some skunks walking off on the previous page)

    Uncle Carl has a chicken on his arm.
    A chicken on his arm?
    yes, a chicken on his arm
    It seems it has a nice idea for freshening up the farm! (just changed this line to go with the pictures...does it sound okay?)

    No text on the chicken washing page.

    Also, need to add the fly in there again......




    learning more digital editing techniques would sure make this faster!

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