WIP and critiques?

  • This is a work in progress. I'm a 17 year old children's book illustrator and this is my first book, and it is not turning out the way I want it to. Digital painting and traditional painting are SO different! I would love some critiques!

    0_1501037728703_little boy2.jpg

  • Hi Analise - thank you for posting this - it's going great and it was great to chat with you the other day! You mentioned that you thought it was a little flat...I've added lighter colors over what you already had. Just remember that if your sky is white - you lose control over value when your image is displayed on a white background like in this forum. It's often better to add value/color in those areas and avoid having one part of your image go to white like that. I really hope this helps!0_1501087682598_567568588.jpg

  • @will-terry Thank you so much that really helps! 😃

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