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    Hi everyone.
    I need a professional editor to edit my picture book manuscript before I submit to publishing houses. Can anyone recommend where I look? Thanks

  • @judy-elizabeth-wilson You don't necessarily need an editor before you submit to publishing houses... BUT, you'll absolutely want to have a critique group in place that will give you honest and professional-quality feedback. You may even need to go back and forth with them on the same manuscript when you update your drafts until you have a polished one that's ready to be sent.

    You could go the hiring of an editor route, but then once you implement the changes, there's no back and forth until you get it "right" - unless you pay again each time and that could get costly.

    I also find that with having a great critique group, not only do you get invaluable advice from them, but you also get really inspired AND you learn from giving critiques yourself. By forcing yourself to really examine someone else's manuscript and put into words what's working and what isn't, it's like your own training on how to spot things and be a better writer yourself.

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    @danettedraws Thanks Danette. Yes, I thought that I didn't absolutely need an editor. I do need to start sharing the manuscript and getting feedback. So you think a critique group would be a good idea. An online picture book critique group would be ideal. Thanks for your comments.

  • @judy-elizabeth-wilson yes, definitely! If you're a member of SCBWI, they have forums where you can connect with others looking for a critique group. Or, maybe this Facebook group will be helpful to you: https://www.facebook.com/groups/726894444063634/ Just post that you're looking for critique partners for a picture book age - also it would be helpful to find other like-minded writers (ie. if you write in rhyme or prose, it's good to match up with others who do similar to you).

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    @danettedraws Thank you. I joined SCBWI a couple of months ago so I need to get involved with a critique group. I wrote to my SCBWI regional advisor and we don't have a live meet up group or anything online as we are so small so I thought going to an editor would be a good choice. Thanks so much for sharing more options. I just joined the facebook group and I'll see where that leads too.

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