the squirrel hunter

  • 0_1500492350064_squirrelhunter.jpg

  • Really fun image and awesome drawing skills. I have some suggestions and thoughts that may or may not help. I think you could play with the silhouette a bit in places to make the image a little more dynamic. I also feel the camel and samurai swords are getting a bit lost. That could be solved with values, perhaps? Also, I would give the drawing a bit of room and extend the format on all sides a bit.


    I've tried to tweak things to go along with my suggestions, but I think they could be solved in a number of different ways, and I think overall, it could improve with just tiny tweaks. Original is on the left.


    Great job, overall on this piece. It's really a lot of fun to look at

  • Looking at it again, is it a dog and not a camel? Sorry if I misidentified! I guess I was getting the camel cigarette's mascot vibes from it. 😛

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