Independent WIP.

  • Independent WIP. Do you get independent from it? What about colors?
    I've been working on this and think its ready. I did the black and white first and then color, since that is where i feel most lacking. Should the color theme be different?

  • SO cute. I'm not sure I get "independent" from it, though. Brave, anxious, cautious for sure. Independence seems to be more of a flouting authority, striking off on your own, not needing any help thing and the character sin this are definitely helping each other.

    That being said, I love it! The textures are gorgeous, the characters are adorable and everything in it is well placed and drawn. The only thing I would suggest is bringing a bit of the blue from the bird into the mouse somewhere to really tie them together and help lead the eye. Maybe the mouse has a bit of blue in his eye, or more in the wings.

    Also, the ellipse on the bottom of the bird cage seems a bit off as far as perspective is concerned.

  • @withlinesofink thank you. Ill think of something else for the month then. I'll also work on the bottom of the cage and make it match the table a bit better. 🙂

  • @mirkah Your work has a really nice vibe to it.

  • @mirkah I love this composition! And I really like the lines under the color. I'd like to mimic the line effect sometime.

  • It's a beautiful illustration!

    As far as the theme goes, I think we really need the moment AFTER this. It looks like an escape (to independence) is about to happen.

    I love your colors though!

  • Hmmm. I really like this. The rendering with the pencil texture is quite lovely and your characters and colors are very appealing. At first I thought that it didn't quite illustrate independence, but I'm starting to change my mind on that point. I kind of like that you are showing the moments before potential independence. There's a lot of suspense, and a reminder that sometimes independence comes at a great risk. For me, it works.

  • Fantastic illustration - Love all the variations in texture and your color scheme really works well! Such a great idea for the independent theme!!

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