• Hi! I'm Suzy and have been in love with art since I was a little. I graduated college in 1985 (yes, I'm an old lady, lol!) and hold a BA in Visual Art. I've always been creative but really didn't have the confidence to push forward in art when I was younger. So, after many years, I've returned to the wonderful world of art! Over the last couple of years I've done portraits for my family and usually work from photos. Illustration and concept art are on my mastery wish list. My challenge has been getting the things from my imagination onto the paper. I have been taking classes here with SVS and have loved getting all the new and fresh perspectives. I am so excited to take it to the next level!! Thanks SVS team for making it possible for me to get back into action! Cheers!

  • Welcome Suzy! You are going to love it here. Everyone is so wonderful and giving!

  • Welceom Suzy! putting concept and drawing things from imagination are so much fun!

  • Welcome! So glad you found this place and can continue on your artistic journey!

  • Hey there!

  • Welcome Aboard, you should love it here. After getting myself on course with becoming an illustrator (maybe teacher as well). I have just beginning to pull ideas and visual imagery from my brain into reality. Its a lot of fun. Start with the big idea, simplify the idea, and as you start to form your idea, with adding detail, sit back and visualise your idea, then go at it again slowly. Hitting the important ideas your have and slowy adding detail.

  • Hallo Welkom! Greetings from the Netherlands!

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