WIP Independent Project

  • WIP Independent Project- My concept is breaking a wild horse with an independent spirit. 0_1499591998717_WIP Independent 01.jpg

  • I love the concept!

  • Very dynamic!

  • @tyson-ranes good concept and well done so far, but I get an angry feeling from the horse. Strangely enough I see the horses' mane and it makes me think of hairstyles. It's been a long day here...

  • Hi Tyson. Love the concept and dynamic angle. The expressions are very well executed! I agree with @bnewman, that I think the concept of anger and danger are coming through stronger than independence. I feel having the horse rear it's head up and/or away from the cowboy might shift the feeling to being more majestic and independent.

    Just a thought. It is a very strong piece as is.

  • @tessw , @bnewman
    I can see where yall are coming from on the "anger vs majestic" but it is more of a illustration of a WAR for Independence 76' style! A righteous spirit of independence that refuses to be dominated. An equal and opposite reaction against the aggressor in defense of liberty! Yeehaw!!!!!!!!! (A Declaration of Independence!)

  • @Tyson-Ranes Fantastic movement and feeling - well executed! A !POW! piece....


  • @tyson-ranes In that case the expression of the horse works very well, but if it's about war and overcoming an agressor, I wonder if there's a way to make us more sympathetic to the horse rather than the cowboy? If we were looking at this image without any context as a stand alone piece, what would we think it's about? There's a very skinny, non aggressive looking cowboy, being dominated over by a huge aggressive horse. I tend to sympathize with the cowboy as you've made him look almost endearing with his character design. What if he's holding a whip in his other hand, or there's tension of the rope around the horse's neck? Spurs on his boot? Something subtle to make us root for the horse overcoming and becoming victorious?

  • I find myself agreeing with @tessw . The position of the cowboy and the horse to the viewer also emphasizes a feeling of being loomed over/threatened by the horse, with the cowboy on our level, running toward us for help. Maybe to sell the feeling of independence over stark aggression, the horse has grabbed the lasso in his teeth and is pulling the cowboy towards him, thus reversing the roles?

  • Here is an updated version. I'm working on cleaning it up, will probably post the final soon. Title: "Independence Neigh"

    0_1499663305656_Independence Neigh.jpg

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