Hello from here

  • Hello, sorry, shy person here. Not sure what to say.... Just happy to be here and learn. I use to be a graphic/web designer but have stepped back for a bit mostly due to burn out. So, I'm working odd jobs well below my former pay grade to try and see if I can build my drawing skills, relieve stress and illustrate. Yeah, boring stuff.


  • Hey just relax and enjoy yourself, where all friendly so dont be afraid to ask questions.

  • Welcome to the forum. Hope you'll find what you're looking for.

  • We're all here to learn and build skills. You'll fit right in. Welcome!

  • Welcome shy person, I'm also shy too. 🙂

  • Aloha! welcome, we are all very nice and friendly here!

  • What a very nice welcome, thanks to all. rubs hands together okay, let's see what happens next!

  • None of that is boring stuff! I was in a 17+ year career that promoted me away from anything artistic and creative. After our office was downsized and closed I decided to make the transition back towards the creative and have been doing anything and everything I can to make a career of it. And part of that is always trying to learn and improve my skills. The folks here on these forums are all so supportive and helpful with that and you will find this to be a great place! Welcome!