Dog with bee - C&C welcome

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    Calling this finished(ish). I think it needs work, but at this point I'm sort of stuck on how to make it better and I'm getting discouraged. So, I humbly submit my attempt for your feedback 🙂

    Please feel free to offer any suggestions/criticisms.

  • No criticism for you. this is just so cute!! I love it

  • Super cute! I think it's almost there but could use just a tad of polishing. My suggestions are-

    1. Go in and sharpen the edges of the bee. Make the legs and stripes darker and add veins into the wings.
    2. Amp up the occlusion shadows on the dogs brow just slightly. Add a little more shadow under the chin.
    3. Lighten up the sky and clouds a bit.
    4. Include a few highlight spots on the dogs nose. See how this dogs nose is textured? 0_1496694312988_night-animal-dog-pet.jpg

    I'm not saying to render it to this detail, but adding a few light speckles here and there will help I think. I say this because you've got a nice subtle texture to the fur, especially in the areas all around the nose, but the nose is pretty flat. Adding a few speckles might help unify it and bring more attention to the focal point. Maybe something like this:0_1496694769802_1496675147820-bee-and-dog.png

    You should be very proud! It's a really fun illustration.

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    @DOTTYP, thank you! I'm so glad you like it!

    @TessW, those are excellent suggestions, thank you so much! I will work on this tonight, and hopefully be able to polish it up with these tips. I appreciate the feedback!

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    Tweaked version. Any better?


  • I love the concept of the image. One thing I would add to this, is ton continue to push the value range. Your heaviest shadows are in the folds of the ears and this help increase the dimension of the entire image quite a bit. Think about other places you might be able to add this to, such as, underneath the collar and chin. This will help push the dimensionality of the overall image. Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks for the feedback, @Tyler-Hallstrom , I appreciate it! I tried again, pushing the darks and lights. Hopefully this improves the image without getting too dull.

    Again, any comments are welcome.


  • @Kat I hope you don't mind but I loved your dog and wanted to share what I would do to take this further...I hope you don't mind 🙂0_1496768558196_54675467.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Goodness no, I love that you jumped in with some advice! A big Thank You, I appreciate the help!

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