how does it look?

  • hi,

    I was a bit absent on forum recently. If anyone noticed, sorry for that, but i was very busy 😉 Anyway, i missed you guys 😉 I hope you could help me with this pic and give me some feedback. Firstly, is it easy to know, whats going on? Secondly, composition? thirdly? i don't know! thanks 🙂


  • I coloured it and shrink it, so its easier to look at. What do you think?:)0_1496651255765_baj1.jpg

  • I like it!!

  • This is a hard one, since the perspective is so extreme. Is the girl the focus here, or the elephant? Maybe you could flip the image around and cut down on the perspective just a little to make the character of the elephant a little easier to read, although I give you kudos for doing such an extreme perspective.

  • @JeaneBean thanks a lot!:) although iam an early stage amateur, i like challenges;) also i was very much into photography, which makes me look for interesting angles. Unfortunately, i need to deliver this pic today, so probably just gonna darken the elephant or smth, to bring the girl more out.

  • @DOTTYP thank you:) how is your mood today? Ive read you were feeling down recently 😞

  • @aska it is very kind of you to ask about my mood,I am ok just some family problems getting me down,cant see any solutions so i will just have to get on with it. Thanks for asking.

  • @DOTTYP sorry to hear:( i didnt have great family time this year neither.. take care

  • SVS OG

    Pretty cool angle! I wonder if it would read better if the trunk of the elephant wasn't so segmented. At first I was thinking it was a robot arm. I like the texture you have, too.

  • @Kat thanks;) i did think myself that it looked a bit like a hover's pipe;)

  • SVS OG

    @aska said in how does it look?:

    @Kat thanks;) i did think myself that it looked a bit like a hover's pipe;)


  • SVS OG

    @aska The elephant is a bit hard to tell what it is at first. The little girl , the elephant and teh clock seem to be on a different perspective angles. Coloring and shrinking do help. I can never see a whole picture on my laptop screen and it makes it hard to really get the full perspective on a composition. The colors are nice. I still have a lot to learn so, I may be wrong!

  • This is certainly an ambitious pose for a composition, but there are a few adjustments I would make. First, I would focus only on the elephant and the child, the other characters are a compositional and color distraction from the main source of action. Second, I really like the rendering of the elephant, and I think if you changed the camera angle to point downward slightly you would be able to showcase that even further. Lastly, I think that the bench is a little confusing. I would maybe consider a different way to showcase the size relationship between the elephant and the child.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you for your comments @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen and @Tyler-Hallstrom 🙂

    The picture is an illustration to a short story. In this story a little girl with her teddy bear appear in a weird place, where they meet blue elephant sitting next to a crocked clock. Perhaps reading the story changes the way that you look at the picture. What do you think?

  • SVS OG

    @aska Well, it might! Especially the crooked clock in a weird place. That would eb cause for some weird angles, etc.

  • @aska I think that any image that helps serve the story is worth pursuing. If you are planning on having a multitude of images with extreme perspectives it might help to make a little mock-up version where you can layout all of your compositions so that you are able to cover everything. Cool idea for a story for sure!

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