Watercolor Challenge Day 23......

  • SVS OG

    This is the artist I chose to "copy" today for the watercolor challenge. Her name is Becky Kelly and this link will take you to her beautiful watercolor cards, etc. I did a very small portion of the original which is called: Bumble Bee Tea. So cute! I outlined the fairy but decided to just paint it without referring to the illustration again, Therefore, mine is very different and I think I should have probably tried to copy hers more exactly because hers is MUCH better! 🙂 Oh well.


    I only did it in color this time. The black and white is my cell phone image of the colored one...in case you couldn't tell.

    0_1496445119355_18813826_1940850879533725_5213245024202877903_n (1).jpg

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