How to get consistency in many different pieces.

  • One of my concerns when one day getting a job to do a book (hopefully) is the consistency between each image, in both design and detail. Are there any excercises any of you do to pull off such things?

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    @Eric-Castleman Good question, Eric! One tip I have been given when asking that question is to keep the character sketches etc. close at hand so that you can easily refer to them. I did one small book and I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I looked back at the characters and compared. I also tried to use a limited color scheme so I wouldn't have to worry about the colors (traditional work so I didn't have a file to return to or anything as I think you can do digitally?) I'm sure there are others with more experience than I who can give you better answers but, for what it's worth 🙂

  • I think you are in the right track! Looking at your recent work, you are developing a style that look consistent!
    I think the key thing is practice (I know it's a sucky tip, but I really feel that looking at your work the consistency is getting better with each illustration you do!)

    A few more "concrete" tips :

    • What I usually do when working on a book ( I did 2 so far for very small publisher; so I am not an expert) is working on several images at once, and working in disorder (i.e. not page 1 then 2 then 3... but page 7 then 4 than 10 then 3) If you do them in order, there is more chance that page 1 and 32 won't look consistent simply because your work evolved with the book.
    • Reuse the same color palette (very important!)

    I hope this helps!

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